About Us

All About Safe Food (AASF) – Food safety training and consulting business is located in Sonoma County, California. We serve all of California.

Bob Herr, R.E.H.S. acts as your personal food safety trainer and consultant. AASF’s purpose is to assist you in making your career and business successful. It was founded to provide education, and on-site assistance to retail food professionals. AASF strives to help restaurant employees through challenging interactive food safety training at all levels.

All About Safe Food is different because:

All About Safe Food provides clients with the latest food safety and quality information, and keeps clients updated on changes in regulatory standards.   AASF offers regularly scheduled Food Manager training/certification classes and food handler classes (CA Food Handler Card).

ASF also provides:

  • HACCP TRAINING, PLAN WRITING. Training all levels of staff in principles and practices for the implementation of HACCP programs.
  • FOOD SAFETY CONSULTING. Providing food safety consulting for the retail food industry; communicating with regulatory agencies about current food safety problems.
  • TRANSPORTATION EXTERNAL AUDITS – Bob is certified to conduct TransCert Sanitary Cold Chain audits, including Land, Sea, Air cargo systems as well as Maintenance Stations.
  • REVIEW OF NUMEROUS PRODUCTS that aid in food safety education and provide monitoring and acceptable food preparation (e.g., thermometers, pH meters, test strips etc.)

Please contact us to discuss your food safety needs.