Food Safety Manager Class

The one day class includes the ServSafe exam. Taught by Bob Herr, R.E.H.S. former Sonoma County health inspector, he is committed to eliminating foodborne illness. Learn more than what’s needed to  pass the test!

A 30 page STUDY GUIDE  and ServSafe Practice Exam with answers will be e-mailed to you after registration payment is received.

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To schedule a class at your restaurant please contact or call (707) 480-7061.

The Food Safety Manager Class and certification is an interactive classroom style 6 hour training and exam.
The class and certification includes the following:

  • Pre course study material
  • Class
  • Review
  • Certification exam

The exam consists of 90 multiple choice questions.

Certification is based up a score of 70% or better on the exam. The certification is good for 5 years from date of passing the exam.

The exam is offered in English, Spanish and other languages. Please contact Bob Herr at at least 30 days prior to the class if you wish to take the exam in a language other than English or Spanish.

The Food Safety Manager Course and exam will cover the following elements of knowledge:

  • Foodborne illness, including terms associated with foodborne illness, microorganisms, hepatitis A, and toxins that can contaminate food. Definition and recognition of potentially hazardous foods, chemical, biological and physical contamination of food, and understanding of major contributing factors for foodborne illness.
  • The relationship between time and temperature with respect to foodborne illness, including the relationship between time and temperature and microorganism growth. The understanding of the type, use, calibration of thermometers used in monitoring food temperatures.
  • The relationship between personal hygiene and food safety, including the association of hand contact, personal habits and behaviors and food service employee health to foodborne illness. The recognition of how policies, procedures, and management contribute to improved food safety practices.
  • Methods of preventing food contamination in all stages of food handling.
  • Procedures for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils.
  • Problems and potential solutions associated with temperature control, preventing cross-contamination, housekeeping, and maintenance.

California Retail Food Code (Cal Code) requires Food Safety Manager Certification of food establishment owners or designated employee every five years. A food facility that commences operation, changes ownership, or no longer has a certified owner or employee has 60 days to comply.

The responsibilities of the certified owner or employee shall include the safety of food preparation and service, including insuring that all employees who handle food  have sufficient knowledge to ensure the safe preparation or service of the food, or both. The nature and extent of the knowledge that each employee is required to have may be tailored, as appropriate, to the employee’s duties related to food safety issues.

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